Initial Release Plan Edit

Initially, Equilinox was planned to be released on the eighth of June 2018[1]. Karl enacted his "4-week marketing plan" shortly before, but, tragically suffered health problems shortly before the date, hence, delaying it.[2] Karl had treatment over a long period of time before eventually moving to Sweden and returning to development.[3]

Actual Release Edit

The game's final, proper release date was planned for November 23rd 2018.[4] It was to be released at 10 am Pacific Standard Time.[5]

The release suffered much strife as, due to a bug in Steam, users could not see the "purchase" button. Karl tweeted the following:

Sorry about the delay to the release! I released Equilinox two hours ago and everything looks fine my end, prices are set, and the in the backend it says the game is released, but the Steam page hasn't updated. I've contacted Steam - hope to get it sorted soon![6]
Users later found a workaround that allowed them to add Equilinox to their cart.[7] As of now the problem still persists, but an unknown number have users have already purchased and begun playing the game.