The soundtrack for Equilinox was written by composer Jamal Green and features one additional track by Dannek Studio.

Most of the music is used in ThinMatrix's weekly dev-log videos.

There are 18 tracks in Total on the album.


Main theme (0:00)

Ambition (2:28)

Sheep (6:11)

Sunrise (9:25)

Green Fields & Rolling Hills (13:00)

Home (16:10)

Low-Poly Dream (18:28)

Tranquility (23:41)

Wonderful World (26:03)

Wander (28:57)

Island paradise (32:56)

Horizons (36:15)

Zen (38:56)

Reminiscence [Bonus track] (41:39)

Ambience [Bonus Track] (43:50)

Wonderful Waltz [Bonus Track] (46:46)

From Dusk 'Til  Dawn [Bonus Track] (49:30)

Extra track [By Dannek studio] (52:01)