The completed achievement.

Watching Grass Grow is the first task in Equilinox. It is also the task the player will have to complete first, because it is the beginning of the path to acquiring the sheep species, which is the first way of getting DP. The task itself includes planting 1 Grass Tuft and waiting for it to fully grow.

Description Edit

To get started you need to plant the most basic of plants in the world, some simple grass. Select the grass tuft in the species shop and then place some seeds in the world. After some time the grass will grow to its full size. While you're waiting you can select the grass in the world by clicking on it, to see its current stats and other options.


  • Grow 1 fully grown Grass Tuft

Rewards Edit

  • 150 DP

Completing the taskEdit

  • Open the plant menu, select the grass tuft by clicking it, and plant it anywhere in the world. One is enough for now, as it will reproduce in a small area.
  • Wait for the grass tuft to fully grow. This can be sped up by clicking and holding the fast-forward button in the bottom of the screen.
  • Task complete!